Pipeline Rescues, North Shore Lifeguards

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Located on the North Shore of Oahu, the famous winter surf break known as Pipeline serves as the proving grounds for only the most skilled surfers in the world. With razor-sharp coral reef, hidden caves, and heavy conditions, Pipeline is recognized as one of the most dangerous waves, and much respect is given to the athletes that brave the fast, steep drops.

However, surfers aren't the only ones putting their lives at risk at Pipeline. A team of highly skilled rescue personnel known as the North Shore lifeguards, are constantly immersing themselves in the most dangerous of situations in order to ensure the highest level of safety as possible. From no rescues for days in a row, to rescues every half hour, the absolutely no way to predict the kind of work day is in store.

Listen to North Shore Lifeguards, Ian Forrester and Robert Dorr, talk about their lives as key rescue personnel at Pipeline and the type of rescues that occur.