Cafe Del Mar 30 Anniversary ( Buddha bar lounge / relaxation meditation chillout music )

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Cafe Del Mar - 30 Anniversary
CD 1
01. Cleila Felix - Magical Moments
02. Gary B - Without You
03. Deep Josh & Jose Rodriguez Feat. Josephine Sweett - Strangers In The Night
04. Luminous - Good To Be Out Of The Rain
05. Toni Simonen - Parasailing
06. Cecile Bredie - Circles
07. Javier Esteve - Rainbow Over Black And White
08. Paco Fernandez - Pez Volador
09. Dab - Waiting 4 You
10. Ive Mendes - What We Have Now
11. Bright Sun Spirit - White Sand
12. La Caina - A Child Is Born
13. Elmara - Central Station Ny
14. Motif - Give It Away
15. Elimar & Beach Messiah - Better World
16. Mediterranean - Coastline

CD 2

01. Lunatic Soul - Time to Remember
02. Gary B - Esta Noche
03. AGP Band - Bailando con La Luna
04. Paco Fernandez - Almendres Islas
05. Dab - I Promise
06. Javier Esteve - Hungry Heart
07. Sol Electrico - Nothing
08. Elmara - Slow Train
09. Ypey - Somewhere Else
10. Nerio Poggi - Season to Love
11. Solaris Navis - When the Sun Goes Down
12. Wasaby Ink - All my Love
13. Atlan Chill - Volar
14. Steve Xavier - One World
15. Toni Simonen - Endless Sea

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